4x3 Chest Rig Extension

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The 4x3 Chest Rig Extension was designed to be an answer to fixed pouch chest rigs that the user feels could do with a little extra or have the option to extend the capapility of the rig to suit the mission. Such as adding a radio pouch where otherwise missing or adding additional utility pouches for added essentials.

The Chest Rig Extensions are compatible with most chest rigs that have two female ITW buckles on the sides.


  • 4 Columns by 3 Rows pals grid
  • almost seamless extension
  • 500D Cordura Construction
  • Milspec Webbing
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • ITW NEXUS Hardware

Made in Scotland, United Kingdom

Original Side Extensions made since 2017

*Does not include Chest Rig