Custom Work



Have an Idea or would like a modification done to one of our products? get in touch via:

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Or using the contact field below.

With Custom Products we have a range of colours available, if the colour you want is not listed below we may be able to get it in for you so don't hesitate to ask.

Available Colours:


The Process

Initial Idea

Whether you have a fully developed idea, a scribble on a napkin or just a vague idea in your head, get in touch and we will talk it over with you.


When you get in contact we will chat about the idea you have, find out the what and why of the idea and talk over the specifics.

After you and us are on the same page and you are happy with the design we will give you a quote and a lead time.


Full payment must be made before the design goes into production, if you feel the price isn't right let us know and we can give you a breakdown of costs.


Once we have received full payment we will go away and do all the boring pen on paper stuff, shipping labels, material dimensions etc.

We will notify you at each stage of the production starting with...

Marking and Cutting of materials, at this point we will mark out all the fabric, webbing, velcro, pvc or any other material involved in the order and cut it all out placing it in a chaotically orginased pile that we will send you a picture of, it won't make much sense but it is progress.

(note the marking and cutting stage can take place several days or weeks before sewing begins.)

Needle and thread, This is the point where your product is being built and will be with you soon, we will send pictures of the progress through out the build slowly showing that the mess of parts actually makes sense. The amount of programs depends on how busy we are.

Once the order has been completed we will send you a picture of the completed products.

We will then package the order and ship it, we will then notify you with a tracking number.


if you have any questions or would like to enquire about a custom product please get it touch.